About me


Sports and body awareness have always been very important to me, with skiing and windsurfing amongst my favourites. During my time as a university student, I taught fitness classes, which provided me with the foundation for my teaching in Pilates.

After the birth of my second child, more than 20 years ago, I started doing Pilates and was immediately fascinated. I developed stronger, sleeker and more flexible muscles. Not only did I feel better and more energetic but I also preferred the way the different body muscles developed, compared to workouts at the gym. My third pregnancy felt much better and my body recovered much faster after giving birth thanks to Pilates.

After enduring multiple fractures to my pelvis in a skiing accident the doctors didn’t believe that I would fully recover. However, thanks to a lot of Pilates training before, my muscles held the fractured bones in the right position and I fortunately didn’t require an operation.

I also recovered much faster than predicted and was fit again six weeks after the accident. That was the time when I decided to become a Pilates trainer, undergoing the teacher training at The Pilates Standard and at Balanced Body.

I want to share my passion for Pilates and the joy it gives me and I’m convinced that it is good for everyone. With Pilates you should become more active, stronger, more flexible and develop a good posture.


Article in Woman magazine from October 22nd, 2020